The Best Casino Poker Rooms in the US

Do you enjoy hitting the felt? If you are still reading this, then I’ll take that as a yes. I will be speaking strictly from my experience, and most of what I have to say will be centered around the poker rooms and their staff. Here is a list of my top 5.. Try them out at your own discretion. One of the things that I love to do when I travel is to play poker. My ventures have carried me from coast to coast and several places in between. My love for the game has carried me to most of the casinos on the east coast at one time or another, so I believe I would be a good judge on this.

of doing a lot of traveling in my day. The ones that I list here are the nicest, luckiest, biggest, or just best all around from my travels

Austrian Koellerer punished for breaking rules on betting

His manager Manfred Nareyka was also disciplined..

The Tennis Integrity Unit was established by the International Tennis Federation (ITF) and the ATP and WTA Tours to protect the sport from corruption and betting scandals.

(Reporting by Martyn Herman; Editing by Sonia Oxley)

“Tennis Integrity Unit investigation found that Mr. Koellerer’s personal website carried details of betting odds on tennis matches and provided links to allow users to place bets,” a statement said.

LONDON (Reuters) – Austrian player Daniel Koellerer was given a suspended three-month ban after admitting using his personal website to facilitate betting on matches, the Tennis Integrity Unit said on Thursday.

“The offence of facilitating betting contravenes Article D1b of the Uniform Tennis Anti-Corruption Program.”

All players must sign up to the Uniform Tennis Anti-Corruption Program.

There was no suggestion that she had been involved in fixing matches.

Koellerer’s website included a link to a gambling site that enabled fans to place bets on matches.

Earlier this year, Russian player Ekaterina Bychkova was suspended for 30 days and missed the Australian Open after the Tennis Integrity Unit found that she failed to report that she was asked to provide inside information and throw matches.

The 27-year-old, ranked 134th in the world, was also handed a suspended 15,000 euros ($19,250) fine which, like the ban, would be triggered if he committed a similar offence in the next two years

History of the Horse Racing Industry

The first horse racing event in the United States was organized on the Salisbury Plains (now recognized as the Hempstead Plains of Long Island, New York) in 1665. The early British settlers brought horses and introduced horse racing to the inhabitants of the New World and thus it became popular in North America. It is described as ‘The Most Exciting Two Minutes in Sports’ as it lasts for about two minutes. Since historical times, horse races have provided excellent entertainment for all types of crowds. Then onwards, the races were considered as the tests of excellence. Now, horses are not used during wars, but horse riding skills have been preserved through horse racing, which otherwise would have disappeared quickly. Every year, it is held in Louisville, Kentucky, on the first Saturday in the month of May. As great horses like Secretariat, Seattle Slew and Affirmed started winning The Triple Crown, the popularity of the sport increased. Injured and retired horses need comfortable homes but many of them are euthanized. Some charitable trusts do take care of injured jockeys and horses.

In ancient times, horse riding skills were required for fetching success during battles. Horse racing is being enjoyed for centuries. It followed the structure of the English Jockey Club. Those who enjoy watching horse racing should keep it in mind that horses are not made for racing. Chariot racing and mounted horse racing were included in the list of events in the Greek Olympics, organized in 648 BC. Flat racing (over a level track), steeplechase (racing over hurdles), and harness racing, where the driver is in a sulky (a lightweight open cart without a body, which has two wheels and a seat for the driver); are the main types of horse racing. The Triple Crown is a series of these three races. Even if they are not injured, racing (excessive stress) makes them weak. The actual record book, The American Stud Book, came into existence in 1868. It used to be a part of the life of kings and knights, and it still continues to hold a big influence on those who belong to the creamy layer of the society. Steroids given to horses affect their health significantly. Very young horses are trained and used for racing. Growing demand for skilled horses, riders and the related equipment gradually led to the growth of horse racing industry.

The Kentucky Derby is the most popular Grade I race in the U.S. Records show that in 2008, $115 billion was the amount associated with gambling in horse racing industry.

Horse racing is a glamorous sport, but dangers of horse racing cannot be overlooked. Slowly, two-horse races to find out the fastest horse became a popular sport activity of the noble families. It is also recognized as ‘The Run for the Roses’ because the winner is draped with the blanket of roses. The Breeder’s Cup races began in 1984. It is a hot-blooded (showing more sensitivity and energy; calm and quiet horses are referred to as cold-blooded), purebred horse, known for grace, agility, speed, liveliness and spirit. Great horses like Man o’ War were the stars of the racing tracks. It is true that the horse racing industry generates jobs for millions and the dangers are being lowered gradually, but horse racing should not be taxing on either the animals’ delicate bodies or the jockeys. The club still governs English racing. Those who earn billions of dollars from horse races do not bother about the health of the injured or retired horses. Let us now take a look at the horse racing history of the United States.

In the same year, 1908, parimutuel betting was introduced and it brought about dramatic changes in the horse racing industry. The history of the horse racing industry informs us that horse racing became a professional sport in the 18th century.

Horse Racing

Historical records show that horse racing (chariot and mounted horse racing) was common in the ancient cities of Babylon, Greece, Rome, Syria, and Egypt. During the second world war, the popularity of the sport decreased. Since horse racing was giving rise to criminal activities, the American Jockey Club was founded in 1894, in New York. Triple Crown was introduced, horse racing again became one of the popular and favorite sports of the nation.. When the U.S. The first race track was constructed there. Horses are often seriously injured. The Preakness Stakes and the Belmont Stakes are other grade one races in the U.S. Safety equipment are an absolute must. Horse racing can even lead to the death of a jockey. However, in the early 1900s, almost all states banned horse racing to curb gambling. People were fascinated by the idea of gambling on racehorses. They also have the right to enjoy natural life.

History of the Horse Racing Industry in the United States

In the U.S., after baseball, horse racing is the second most popular spectator sport. According to the history of horse racing, the official Jockey Club was founded in 1750, in England. As horse racing demanded exceptional skills from the horse, specialized breeds were purposely and systematically developed. Horse racing has become a symbol of aristocratic lifestyle. It is a magnificent game, enjoyed by wealthy people. The economic importance of horse racing actually lies in gambling. Some gained immeasurable wealth while some lost everything they had. The history of horse racing as a sport dates back to the 12th century, when English knights returning from the crusades used to bring swift and stout Arab horses with them. Thoroughbred, Quarter Horse, Arabian, Paint, and Appaloosa are the breeds which excel in flat racing. In 1908, there were only 25 tracks in the country.

The ‘Thoroughbred’ is the best horse breed that is used in horse racing. As more and more Arab stallions were imported to England and bred to English mares, exclusive racing horses that exhibited superb speed and endurance were produced. Records show that by the end of 1890, there were 314 racing tracks in the U.S. Prosperity after the end of the first world war again fetched spectators towards the racing tracks. With the flourishing economy and rapid progress in industrialization, leading to increasing income, horse racing betting strategy gradually evolved. Different horse breeds excel in different types of racing. Jockeys suffer from career-threatening and life-threatening injuries. The rules of racing were formulated and the standards of horse racing were defined

Forget the NBA draft, tanking for a high lottery pick is not Miami Heat’s style

While he had his moments with the Heat, primarily as a reserve, his playing time was infrequent and never averaged more than eight points per game before leaving after six seasons to join the Golden State Warriors in 2010.

All of it is part of a consistent trend in which the Heat have had more success luring prized free agents or acquiring stars via trade while cultivating talent from just about anywhere else but the first round to round out the roster.

Apr 6, 2014; Miami, FL, USA; Miami Heat dancer perform during a timeout in a game against the New York Knicks in the second half at American Airlines Arena. Mandatory Credit: Mark D. Though Beasley is currently playing well in a reserve role in his third stint with the Heat, the team had high hopes for him after losing out to the Chicago Bulls for the right to draft Derrick Rose first overall.

<img src=

The team also got a huge boost with the addition of dominant center Hassan Whiteside, who was playing in the D-League after stints in China and Lebanon. Mandatory Credit: Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports”/>

After a seven-year absence and for the first time with Riley on board, the Heat were once again back in the lottery with the No. Though he was a fan favorite and flourished quickly, he was sent packing along with Lamar Odom and Brian Grant to the Los Angeles Lakers for legendary big man Shaquille O’Neal after two seasons in Miami.

While drafting Wade set the Heat up for consistent success for more then a decade, relying on drafting top talent in the lottery may have proven successful with other teams, but it is simply not the Heat’s way.

Wade would end up representing the only lottery pick that has mattered for the Heat while Riley has been in charge.

“We are open to anything with player development — finding players, developing players, using D-League, using overseas, using second round picks that maybe played overseas and then bring them into the system, or non-drafted guys that have been through our summer league or training camps,” said head coach Erik Spoelstra of his team’s approach.

The most recognizable of these types of players is co-captain Udonis Haslem, who went undrafted and spent a year playing in France before joining the team alongside Wade in 2003.

The results speak for themselves, with the Heat failing to reach the playoffs just three times in the nearly twenty years since Riley was brought onboard. 10 selection in 2002 and used it on Caron Butler. His production since he was signed mid-season has already eclipsed lottery picks on bad teams who are consistently out of the playoffs.

You can follow Surya Fernandez on Twitter @SuryaHeatNBA or email him at

Back in the 2003 NBA Draft, the Miami Heat possessed a rare lottery pick and ended up drafting Dwyane Wade out of Marquette.. This trend continued through 1999, in which they selected Tim James out of the University of Miami, but he also lasted just one season.

Miami went a different direction a year after drafting Wade by selecting versatile forward Dorell Wright directly out of high school with the intention of taking their time to develop him. Two years later, they selected Charles Smith out of New Mexico with the 26th pick, but he lasted just one season.

Riley has since traded away several first-round picks, beginning in 2010 with the LeBron James and Chris Bosh sign-and-trade deals with the Cleveland Cavaliers and Toronto Raptors in addition to trading away Cook for a lower second-round pick to accommodate the salaries of the Big 3.

Since the organization took over the basketball operations of their NBA Development League affiliate, the Sioux Falls Skyforce, in 2013, the team is taking advantage of the partnership as a virtual farm system in which players such as Tyler Johnson and Henry Walker can work on their game before joining the Heat. Several players who were in the Heat’s training camp roster continued on with the Skyforce, where they can develop their skills within the Heat’s culture.

Because the NBA does not allow teams to trade away first-round draft picks in consecutive years, the Heat continued to alternate trading picks away and selecting players deep in the first round due to their regular-season success. James Ennis spent a year in Australia after he was acquired by the Heat on the day of the 2013 draft before getting his chance this season.

Just last month, the Heat traded point guard Norris Cole, a first-round draft day acquisition in 2011, for proven veteran point guard Goran Dragic in a package that also included two future first-round picks.

In an era of teams tanking and executives overvaluing first round picks because of a player’s potential relative to their comparatively inexpensive rookie-scale contracts, the Pat Riley era of the Heat dating back to 1995 has largely eschewed from building teams with the hope and promise of the crapshoot that is the first round of the draft.

Spoelstra has insisted that tanking is not in the Heat’s DNA, and why would it when history has only proven that the team can rely on attracting top players to Miami while zeroing in on players with potential elsewhere at a fraction of the cost.

That decision worked out pretty well for the Heat franchise, though Pat Riley had to be convinced by others in the front office to chose him over center Chris Kaman.

After drafting Wright, the Heat struck out in the first round with Wayne Simien (2005), Daequan Cook (2006) and notably Michael Beasley in 2008, when they had the second overall pick and a chance to select Russell Westbrook, Kevin Love, Eric Gordon or Brook Lopez. Miami won 102-91. Wade and Haslem have only missed the playoffs once in their 11-year careers and have won three championships together.

Kurt Thomas was selected 10th overall that year, before Riley was hired, and carved out a lengthy NBA career once he was traded away after just two seasons to the Dallas Mavericks in exchange for veteran Jamal Mashburn


A highly respected and winning hrose racing Jockey is brutally murdered on the last day of the racing season in a small western Kentucky town.  The crime goes unsolved for eight years until his widow and their son-in-law are arrested and charged with the murder.  She retains Miami high-powered criminal defense attorney Frank Pizzo.  He dispatches his Chief Investigator Mike Walsh and his assistant to Kentucky to investigate the case and hopefully find evidence to prove thier client’s innocence.

THE JOCKEY’S JUSTICE by Michael Phelps, the second in the “Mike Walsh Detective Novels” series has just been released and is available on the Amazon Kindle, Barnes Noble NOOK, Apple iPad, iPod, iTouch and iPhone, the Sony e-Reader, Kobo e-Books, Copia e-Books and the eBookPie at just $2.99 with instant download.

What Walsh and Cabio find is the still unsolved prior murder of another Jockey under strikingly similar circumstances, the disappearance of another Jockey, race-fixing, illegal gambling, ties to the Chicago Mafia, political corruption, inept cops, a judge and a prosecutor with tunnel vision and bearing a vendetta against the widow.  All together, Walsh and Cabio’s investigation places their lives in grave danger.

THE JOCKEY’S JUSTICE takes the reader on a roller-caoster ride into the sleezy, underbelly of the colorful and fast sport of horse racing. 


A lot of rumours are flying around, I think we have gone away from the rumour of Interim Government because that is not in our constitution,” Mr. The former leader said he was happy Nigeria has gone beyond the rumour of Interim National Government. Obasanjo said.

The Citizen q

How Older Men Tighten Their Skin

Men, reduce the look of wrinkles, sagging skin and fine lines with this affordable and effective skin tightening treatment without leaving your home.

DJ Sbu in trouble again over fake cover

Suspended Metro FM radio presenter, DJ Sbu, is in hot water again after Forbes Africa magazine released a statement in which it distanced itself from a fake cover circulating on social media. Obasanjo gave the warning when the wife of the presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress, APC, Aisha Buhari, led South West Women of the party to his home in Abeokuta, Ogun State. Forbes Africa said it was made aware at the weekend of the fictitious cover being shared on social media.

. Mr. q

Nigeria: Obasanjo Warns Against Military Take-Over

Former President Olusegun Obasanjo has warned against a military government in Nigeria, saying such move will undermine the integrity of the country in the comity of nations. Now he faces possible legal action after he retweeted a fake cover of Forbes Africa, which features a picture of the entrepreneur and an endorsement of the locally manufactured energy drink Offers “Home Team Advantage” Program

The program is easy to take advantage of. was founded in 1996.

. Not only does their website have a new look, they have moved into new offices, hired and trained an exceptional customer service staff, and have made some big plans for the upcoming season.

The “Home Team Advantage” program is good for all regular season games.

SAN JOSE, Costa Rica–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Sept. Players can choose their favorite teams anywhere and win an extra 15% every time they win. According to Sean Jameson,’s Marketing Director, the new “Home Team Advantage” program was put in place to allow’s clients the ability to win a little extra on their favorite teams.

“Home Team Advantage” isn’t just for home town teams, or teams in close proximity to the bettors home. For instance, now rather than betting on only professional football, a player may decide to choose his alma mater as his home team and bet on games he thinks they are likely to win. Also, because players can choose from a variety of sports (NCAA Football, NCAA Basketball, NBA, NFL, MLB, and NHL) they can be rewarded for betting on sports which generally do not get a lot of action, such as hockey,” reported Jameson. is an OSGA certified offshore wagering website offering entertainment betting in Professional and College Sports, Soccer, Baseball, Horses, Casino betting, and proposition betting. But players need to choose carefully because once the team is chosen, it cannot be changed until the end of the season.

All in all, 2004 looks to be a promising year for The program was put in place to encourage bettors to bet on teams that they may not have betted on in the past. 9, 2004–, one of the leaders in online sports betting, has just initiated its new “Home Team Advantage” program. All a player has to do is choose his teams from a designated page on the website

Cross Pens inks headline sponsorship of British Sports Book Awards – European Sponsorship Association

Everybody who has worked alongside the British Sports Book Awards over many years is very excited about this new development. The sponsorship of the prestigious Sports Autobiography Award, chosen each year by a panel of high profile sporting journalists and celebrity writers, will be included in the Cross partnership.”

The 2015 awards will take place at Lord’s Cricket Ground on 3rd June, hosted by Jonathan Agnew.

The British Sports Book Awards is the major annual promotion for Sports Writing Publishing; the awards exist to highlight the most outstanding sports books of the previous calendar year, to showcase their merits and to enhance their reputation and profile.



About brandmeetsbrand:

brandmeetsbrand is an independent sponsorship agency, launched in 2003, which specialises in sourcing sponsorship for sport, entertainment, arts and the public sector.

Cross products are sold to consumers through department, stationery and pen specialist stores worldwide and to the business gift market via a network of companies specialising in recognition programs. The investment support we receive from Cross will enable us to invest in the Awards, in their presentation and publicity and the association with pens and fine writing instruments will add to the relevance and glamour of our awards evening. Cross Company, said; “There is a superb synergy between our high quality pens and the British Sports Book Awards. Clients include; Hyde Park Winter Wonderland, Hampton Court Palace Festival, Ladies European Tour and Wheelchair Basketball.

Introducing the Cross British Sports Book Awards, brokered by brandmeetsbrand

. Cross will be presenting winners in each category with an engraved pen.

For PR and press enquiries relating to the British Sport Book Awards, please contact:

Jane Beaton, Director, Kew Publicity T: 07802 433471 | E:

“We believe in the pursuit of greatness, and are delighted to be associated with outstanding sports writing which showcases and celebrates the stories of the past year.”

For more information on sponsorship opportunities with the British Sport Book Awards, please contact:

Hannah Hanley, Senior Account Manager, brandmeetsbrand T: 020 7482 6635 | E:

Nicola Shepherd, Director of Trade/Shopper Marketing at A.T. At Cross, we understand the joy that writers and readers experience when significant moments and high achievement are brought to life by committing them to paper.

A series of retail competitions will be run, giving members of the public an opportunity to win Cross gifts, signed editions of winning books and an opportunity to visit Lords Cricket Ground.

The title sponsorship will see the introduction of a new composite logo, which will be included on all collateral including stickers on the shortlisted and winning books in all categories which will be on sale in retail stores including nationwide branches of Waterstones, Foyles and WHSmith amongst others.

brandmeetsbrand is delighted to announce that we have secured Cross, the major manufacturer of fine writing instruments and personal accessories, as the headline partner of the British Sports Book Awards.

David Willis, Chairman, British Sports Book Awards, comments; “Cross are exactly the partner we have been looking for; a well-established business, highly regarded around the world and keen to make further progress in the UK

Online Poker

Rep. citizen credited with helping online poker companies move billions of dollars in illegal gambling proceeds overseas from U.S….

Hands are the biggest giveaway when collecting information on your opponents. Joe Barton introduced a bill Friday to legalize online poker, hoping to pull the estimated $6 billion industry out of the …

Poker Millionaire Struggles With Fed Shutdown Of Online Gambling

To be 23 years old and making a fortune as a poker player sounds like the life, doesn’t it? Brian Hastings isn’t so sure. tribe in the latest effort …

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The best way to protect kids, promote freedom and collect more taxes is to create a licensed, regulated Internet poker industry in the United States.

A new breed of internet poker players who have honed their gambling chops online are facing off against old-school competitors.

ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. — Internet gambling is the future of the casino industry, whether it’s approved at the federal or state level, a panel of online …

WASHINGTON — An advocacy group for online poker said Tuesday that the federal government has frozen more than $30 million in the accounts of pay…

The Other Feds-Snooping-On-Foreigners Scandal

NEW YORK (AP) — Settlement deals reached between federal prosecutors and three Internet poker companies call for more than a half billion dollars to…

Internet Poker Players Bring Speed, Aggression to Table

Harmon Leon

NEW YORK — Authorities in New York City have unsealed an indictment charging 11 people with bank fraud and illegal gambling in a prosecution of the t…

Feds Fold Online Gambling Sites Over Fraud

. Tribe In The Online Poker Battle

Online Poker Room Wants To Go Brick-And-Mortar

This story comes courtesy of California Watch.

Online Poker Bill Looks To Change The Rules Of The Game

Body Language and Poker Tells

Should California Legalize Online Poker?

A Winning Hand for the American People

Man Pleads Guilty In Huge Online Poker Scam

I get asked all the time in my body language and human lie detection trainings if nonverbal science works in poker. By Lance Williams Congress was in session Wednesday, with officials sparring over the fed…

Online Gaming CEO Arrested Over Alleged Ponzi Scheme

The owners of three of the largest Internet poker companies operating in the United States were accused on Friday of tricking regulators and banks…

BUSTED: Huge Poker Websites Face Fraud Charges

It’s Tribe vs. By Chase Davis Once again, it’s shaping up to be a case of tribe vs. And the answer: Body language is essential for poker players!

Harmon Leon

Justice Department Freezes $30 Million In Online Poker Payments, Group Says

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Won an online poker game and are expecting your money soon? If the game was on, don’t bet on it. The money part can be gr…

Vanessa Van Edwards

Online Poker Rooms Finally Ante Up And Repay Players

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Annie Duke

ATLANTIC CITY, New Jersey (AP) — The owner of the world’s largest online poker website wants to add a brick-and-mortar casino to its portfolio. The FBI arrested Raymond Bitar, …

NEW YORK (AP) — A U.S. Check to see if their hands are flat or arched in a ready-for-action position.


HuffPost broke a big exclusive today with a story by Glenn Greenwald, Ryan Grim, and Ryan Gallagher about NSA monitoring the porn viewing habits of ta…

The Future Of Casinos Is Online, Industry Panel Says

Winning Tips at the World Series of Poker

This article comes to us courtesy of California Watch

Lose Weight, Win Money: Websites Pay Up As the Pounds Come Off

In February 2012, she started two challenges. Every time you go to the gym, you have to check in on the GymPact app. (The 10 percent challenge cost $100 with a $200 prize when Calliari started the challenge last year, but it was bumped up to $150 with a $300 prize in January after customers asked for a bigger prize, says HealthyWage’s co-founder David Roddenberry.)

The services make money by taking a percentage of the total collected from those who don’t meet their goals. GymPact, a smartphone app, pushes people to go to the gym or get charged for it. The app uses your smartphone’s global positioning system to make sure you are at your gym for at least 30 minutes when you check in. Rosen says the average person who wagers $25 can expect to win about $50 to $75 if they shed 4 percent of their body weight.

If you have a body mass index above 30, which is considered obese by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, you can join the 12-month challenge to lower your body mass index below 25, which is considered healthy. takes as much as 15 percent of the total amount collected before distributing it to winners. You have to wager at least $5 that will be charged if you don’t make it to the gym. “How many people join gyms on Jan. You might even try what Stickk calls an anti-charity.

DietBet users can go on the website and join a public group, or create their own private game among family members or friends. 1? Go back in March and see how many are left,” Adams says.


The second was a year-long challenge to drop her body mass index from obese to healthy. But about 150 teams are playing at a time, so the chances of winning any money are slimmer.

This website enables you to select from three different challenges. She wagered $100. Bet $150 that you’ll lose 10 percent of your body weight in six months, and you could win $300 if you drop the pounds. Her weight dropped from 204 pounds to 153 pounds and her body mass index, a number determined using weight and height, fell to 24 from 33.8. GymPact verifies that every gym that is checked in to actually exists. She’ll soon receive a check for $1,000.


If you think money will motivate you to drop the pounds, check out these four weight loss and exercise wagering programs:


Kimberly Calliari paid $300, lost 51 pounds and won $1,200.

Calliari first heard about HealthyWage after the company she worked for used the website as a way to motivate employees to lose weight. Jamie Rosen, the CEO of, says that about a third of the dieters who bet money actually win money. The reward money comes from people who didn’t meet their goal. HealthyWage is one of several wagering websites that have launched in the past few years, including and There’s a free program that awards $100 to anyone who completes the BMI Challenge, or you can wager $150 to win $400, or wager $300 to possibly win $1,000.

On this website, there’s no money to win. As a motivator, the money can be sent to a charity or friend who you wouldn’t want to give the chance to hold your lack of commitment over you. The amount of money needed to wager is set by the person who starts the game. At the end of the week, you get cash rewards for making your goals. It costs $25 a month for three months, and the team that loses the highest percentage of their total weight wins $10,000. “If I’m going to spend money on a purse why can’t I put in $300 for my own health?” Calliari says.

The services make money by taking a percentage of the total collected from those who don’t meet their goals. She lost the weight and won $200.

The third challenge is called The Matchup, where users are put in a team of five. But he says about 93 percent of people who join a game lose weight, even if they don’t win cash. You have to make a pact on which days of the week you plan to go to the gym. You can pledge that the money will go to an organization whose mission you don’t support. She wagered $300. Those that do, share the total amount of money the group collected. GymPact takes a 30 percent cut and then distributes it to those that met their goals. To make sure no one fakes a weight loss, the sites ask users to photograph themselves on a scale or film a video and submit it to the site for verification.


“If I didn’t have anything on the line I don’t think I would have done it,” says Calliari, a 29-year-old merchandise buyer for grocery stores in Milwaukee.. She says betting $300 might be too much, saying that many people lose the motivation even after paying cash. One was to lose 10 percent of her body weight in six months. Instead, users set an amount of money their credit or debit cards will be charged if they don’t reach their goal of losing a certain amount of weight in a week. All of the sites work differently, but have the same premise: get healthy or risk losing your cash.

This app wants to make sure you’re hitting the gym. GymPact says that the average user is rewarded about 50 cents to $1 for each day they make it to the gym. To make sure no one fakes a weight loss, the sites ask users to photograph themselves on a scale or film a video and submit it to the site for verification.


But the thought of losing such a large amount of money kept Calliari on track. Stickk collects 29.5 percent of money sent to an anti-charity and 19.5 percent of money sent to a charity. Stickk also lets users use the site without wagering any money, and can set other goals besides losing weight, such as to quit smoking.

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That all happened after she signed up for two challenges on, a website that lets dieters bet their own money that they’ll meet a weight loss goal. The goal is to lose 4 percent of your body weight in four weeks. There are many public games that charge as little as $25. The app is available for Apple Inc.’s iPhones and on smartphones that use Google Inc.’s Android operating system.

“I think it does motivate people,” says Susan Adams, a registered dietitian and assistant professor of nutrition at La Salle University in Philadelphia