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MLB Odds 2016 – Best Baseball Odds & Lines for MLB

But the chances of that happening are pretty slim, so look for good value – a team that is a ‘sleeper’ pick as in a fantasy league or a team you feel is underrated and due for a good playoff run.

If you want to bet on that -190 favorite, you would risk $190 to win $100. On the +170 underdog from above, you would bet $100 for the chance to turn a $130 profit if the underdog wins. If the final score is 4-3, the total is 7 which is under 8.5 and you pocket $100. In that case, a $100 wager would pay $2,500 as a huge longshot. The moneyline replaces the point spread because most games are low-scoring 2-1 or 4-2 games. That means a $100 bet would pay out a $180 profit. You have to risk a bit more to back the favorite and you get a higher payout by backing the underdog. The underdog team, on the other hand, can lose by one run and still cover the runline spread. Example: if a team is -1.5, +105 and you wagered $100, that means you would profit $105 (+105) if the team wins by two runs or more. You may see -105 or +130 value connected to the runline. That is the way baseball money line betting works.


Baseball betting is second only to the NFL when it comes to sports betting and the MLB moneyline is the most common way to bet on baseball. Baseball totals usually range from a low of 6.5 to 11.5 or 12. When you see negative values such as -190, that is the favorite. You will also see values for the over like 8.5, o+115. This is the moneyline part and indicates how much you need to risk and how much you will profit. On the other side, a team that is +1.5, -170, you would have to risk $170 (-170) to back the team. If that team wins or loses by just a single run, you have a winning baseball wager of $100.

Betting on the Moneyline


Identical to a puckline in hockey betting, this serves as a hybrid of baseball moneyline and point spread. The team you bet on has to win the game, not win by a certain number of runs. A 3-2 victory is a loss on the runline.

Where you see a moneyline value associated with the 8.5 total, this is the vig or juice for selecting either the over or the under. The worst team might be +2500. The positive value +1.5 indicates that team is the underdog by 1.5 runs. For example, the first-place may be +180 to win the World Series. A team has to win by two or more runs in order to win the wager in a runline bet. When you see 8.5, u-115, that means the total is 8.5 runs and you have to risk $115 (-115) in order bet the under (u means under). Picking the favorite to beat the runline means the team has to win 4-2 or some other final like that. If you envision the number 100 sitting between these two values, it is easier to understand how it works.. Positive values such as +170 refers to the MLB underdogs. That certain number is an MLB total. If you see 9.5 and decide to bet over, you are predicting 10 or more runs will be scored. The negative value of -1.5, for example, would represent a team favored by 1.5 runs. If you bet under, you want 9 or fewer runs to be plated.

Over Under Betting


Which MLB team will win next year’s World Series? Did you know you can bet on that at any time during the season? Oddsmakers set odds in the preseason and adjust them during the year to reflect the strength or weakness of teams. Here, you profit $115 (+115) by risking $100 if the game ends 8-4 (as 120 is more than 8.5 total runs).

Future Betting Lines

Runline Odds Explained

Total or Over/Under

Known as over-under odds, this form of baseball wagering involves deciding if the total number of runs scored in the game by both teams combined will be more than or less than a certain number

Baseball Betting – How to Bet on Baseball

But it’s actually quite easy.

Kansas City Royals +165

Boston Red Sox -180

Don’t worry, once you see it in action, it’s not nearly as confusing as it first sounds.

By Allen Moody

Now, those people betting on the Royals are risking more money than they will win, in this case $125 to win $100, but they are receiving 1.5 runs. For our purposes, let’s say the odds on the game were:

Baseball Overs & UndersIf you’re completely new to overs/unders, more commonly referred to as totals, a good place to get started is here.

Baseball totals are just like the totals for any other sport, in that you’re betting the total number of points (runs in this case) is either over or under the bookmaker’s predicted total.

The most common assumption on why sports gamblers don’t wager on baseball is that they don’t know how. The team that is favored on the money line will also be the favored team on the run line.

Using our earlier game between the Padres and the Giants for total purposes, it’s quite possible we would see a totals proposition of:

There you have the basics to betting on the National Pastime. There is no point spread and the odds used for baseball wagering look foreign to them. Using the run line, however, we would see odds resembling:. If you bet nothing but underdogs you can win less than half of your bets and still come out ahead in the long run.

The reason the odds didn’t change as much for the Padres (-115 to +135) as they did for the Red Sox (-180 to +105) is because the Red Sox are the home team and will not bat in the bottom of the ninth inning if they lead by one run or they will stop batting in the ninth inning if they go ahead by a run, even if the bases are loaded and there are no outs, unless they score by home run.

Betting the run like makes sense when you like a big favorite and can get them at reduced odds by giving the 1.5 runs.

San Diego Padres -115

San Francisco Giants +105

Kansas City Royals +1.5 -125

Boston Red Sox -1.5 +105

The run line uses a constant spread of 1.5 runs, although on very rare occasions you may see it jump to 2.5 runs. If you don’t know anything about over/unders, you’re in luck, as that’s our next topic.

It’s also wise to consider the predicted amount of runs scored in a game when looking at the run line. Bet wisely and remember that it’s a long season and you might be the next gambler to be singing the praises of baseball wagering.

The one difference is that in many cases you will have to risk more than the standard -110 used in football and basketball totals when you place a baseball totals bet.

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The Padres, as the road team, will continue to bat all the way through the ninth inning even if they’re already ahead, or if the Padres take a one run lead in the top of the ninth, they’ll continue to swing away and try to add to their lead.

Looking at another game, this time where the road team is favored, we’ll choose the Padres at the Giants. On the regular money line we may see odds like:

What this means is that bettors wishing to wager more than 8.5 runs will be scored will have to risk $130 to win $100, while those wagering on the under will risk $100 to win $110.

As you remember from your reading on the money line, what this means is that Red Sox bettors are asked to risk $180 to win $100, while Royals bettors will risk $100 to win $165.

San Diego Padres -1.5 +135

San Francisco Giants +1.5 -155

But when betting with the run line, we would expect to see the same game looking closer to:

Baseball Betting – How to Bet on BaseballMany longtime sports bettors will say that baseball is the easiest of the major sports in which to show a profit, yet it’s one of the least wagered on sports around.

In the book “Sports Betting: A Winner’s Handbook” Jerry Patterson states, “More big scores have been made betting on baseball than any other proposition.”

Smart bettors and professional gamblers will seldom give odds greater than -140 when betting on baseball and always look for a reason to bet the underdog. Even if the Royals lose by one run, those betting Kansas City on the run line will win their bet because of the 1.5 runs.

San Diego Padres OV 8.5 -130

San Francisco Giants UN 8.5 +110[

How is the predicted number of runs figured? Simply by looking at the oddsmaker’s over/under number on the game. On the positive side, there will be cases where you receive favorable odds, such as +120 when you place a toals bet in baseball.

The first thing prospective baseball bettors need to do is understand how the money line works.

On the money line, Padres bettors will risk $115 to win $100, while Giants bettors will risk $100 to win $105. Obviously, 1.5 runs is more meaningful in a contest where the oddsmaker is predicting a total of 7 runs to be scored than it is in a game where the predicted total is 14 runs.

The Run Line The run line is essentially a combination of the point spread and the money line rolled into one.

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For wagering purposes what happens in extra innings counts, both for totals and run line bets.

As a general rule, strikeout pitchers typically perform better in night games and may be solid under plays, while off-speed pitchers who don’t register too many strikeouts are usually good over plays when they are pitching in the daytime.

Let’s use an example of the Royals playing at the Red Sox