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Sports News, Commentary and Analysis

While the world’s greatest athletes are competing in Rio, the focus should be on being the best you can be and making your country proud.

Building off of impressive swimmers such as Mark Spitz and Ian Thorpe, Michael Phelps has made swimming awesome.

Charlotte Sarraille

The Olympics are the words on everyone’s lips right now. Imagine he fixes that and darts out of the gate straight as an arrow ahead of everyone. She has great coaching. Browse just about anywhere online and prepare yourself to be hit with a dose of Team GB fever. But the secret sauce is grit.

The commercials are too frequent, the events are not live, NBC doesn’t have a clue . She crushes her own records. Your fantasy football draft has been circled on your calendar ever since the commissioner set the date. Author and expert in the field of critical thinking and mental toughness training

Lead Baseball & Football Columnist/Editor for RotoBaller. So how do you win your draft? I’m glad you asked.

Katie Ledecky crushes the competition. FantasyPros Expert.

Steve Siebold

What is it that Olympic television viewers watch when they watch these games? Are they watching the sport? The individual athlete or teams of athletes? Or are they watching NBC’s construction of the games?

Nicholas Mariano

Both DC United and the Portland Timbers came into the game fighting for the final playoff spots in their respective conferences. leave it to the experts.

Now imagine Bolt irons out his well documented issues on the starting block. She destroys world records. . Everyone asks, “How does she do it?” She has nearly perfect form, with an imperfect body for swimming. A 2-0 win for United meant that both teams ended the day in 6th position.

You’ve been waiting all summer for this. And how can you not get excited? It’s the Olympics — one of the biggest celebrations of sporting talent on earth AND it’s in Rio!

A writer and recent graduate of Wesleyan University, Charlotte is fascinated by the intersection between film, theatre, television, and psychology.

Chris Fici

Ph.D candidate in Theology/Religion, with a focus on Eco-Theology and Comparative Theology, at Union Theological Seminary in the city of New York.. . Imagine he doesn’t have to play catch up for the first two seconds of the race.

What exactly is the substance of the spirit of our faith? Why do we cling to something as irrational as faith in the face of the rational, visceral reality of so much suffering, corruption, and violence?

The one place that should be sacred and free of politics, religious debates, discrimination, hatred or anything else negative is the Olympics

Top 10 facts about Worms

If a worm is cut in half, only the part of the body that has the head will live.

Worm Facts

Let’s face it, worms are definitely not the cutest or most popular animal in the world, but they do provide many benefits to the environment that most animals are incapable of providing. More than 3,000 species of earthworm exist in the world. The earthworm does not have lungs and instead uses its skin to breath.

4. A worm is a “hermaphrodite” since it has both male and female reproductive organs.

5. Earthworms will eat almost anything that was once alive, but is now dead.

9. Not bad in a days work! Below is a list of the top 10 most interesting facts that you may not know about worms. Worms cannot hear or see.

10. Worms typically live for about 3-4 years, however there have been some cases where they have lived for 15 years.


8. Worms can have between 1-5 pairs of hearts.

6. Worms are cold blooded and their body is made up of 80% water.

7. This allows plant roots to

grow more easily.

2. .

1.When earthworms tunnel through the ground they bring air into the soil. Worms treat waste, help fight pollution and keep our gardens clean