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NFL Player Salaries

Sam Bradford (QB)

The National Football League Players Association (NFLPA) is formed by the NFL players to negotiate their salaries and NFL contracts. Jay Cutler (QB)

Green Bay Packers

Salary Cap

Every team is allocated a maximum amount which can be spent on the salaries of all its players combined. Each team is allowed to sign 53 players, of which they are allowed to keep 45 players ready every week.

Dallas Cowboys

Chicago Bears

4. This signing bonus is a huge amount, which teams usually offer to lure good players. This is known as a salary cap, and is determined by the CBA, annually. Because of the salary cap, the signing bonus is divided and spread across a number of years, which is stated in the contract. Calvin Johnson (WR)

Pittsburgh Steelers

16. Jason Peters (OT)

$12.86 million

(figures are purely NFL salaries, and do not include any endorsements)

Regarding the top NFL salary by teams, the New York Giants have spent the most on remuneration of its players since 2009 to date. Players make huge money from signing bonuses alone. But these figures are little in comparison to the salaries received by the NBA and Major Baseball League players in the USA, despite football being a more combative and tougher sport. 23. Mario Williams (DE)

Factors Determining the Salaries

San Diego Chargers

$13 million

6. Currently, 32 teams from across the United States participate in this annual 17-week competition.

The league is divided into – National Football Conference (NFC) and American Football Conference (AFC), each of them comprising 16 teams, divided into 4 divisions each. Larry Fitzgerald (WR)

8. They are followed by Miami Dolphins, Houston Texans, New Orleans Saints, and Chicago Bears, in that order.

Houston Texans

2. All NFL players are members of this association. Calvin Johnson (WR)

11. Philip Rivers (QB)

New England Patriots

$15.5 million

$16.14 million

$16.2 million

Detroit Lions

14. Darrelle Revis (CB)

13. In any case, the players do tend to make a lot of hay when the sun shines.

Detroit Lions

$16.25 million

$13 million

20. Tom Brady (QB)

Arizona Cardinals

$13.49 million

$22 million

Highest NFL Player Salaries

(2013 season)

$19.2 million

New York Jets

$20.1 million

5. Louis Rams

3. Thus, a player with more years of experience in the league would have a higher minimum salary, as compared to a player with lesser years of experience behind his name. Aaron Rodgers (QB)

$14.12 million

Signing Bonus

When any team signs a new player, he is paid a signing bonus by the team. AFC teams have around $162 million in space, while NFC teams have around $111 million available space.

$16 million

17. DeMarcus Ware (DE)

Tennessee Titans

Detroit Lions

Denver Broncos

10. Julius Peppers (DE)

7. Also, the nature of the salaries in the NFL is such that, in case of a breach of contract, retirement, or even an injury, the team is not liable to pay the player. The minimum salary for a new player was around US $300,000 in 2008, which is currently around the $400,000 mark. According to the contract, various other bonuses also add to a player’s total salary.

15. Chris Johnson (RB)

Minnesota Vikings

St. Drew Brees (QB)

$14 million

$13.2 million

Baltimore Ravens

New Orleans Saints

New York Giants

24. Adrian Peterson (RB)

$18 million

$14.38 million

25. Matthew Stafford (QB)

NFL salaries do make people think about how rich the league players are. Matt Schaub (QB)

$20.1 million

Buffalo Bills

$15.3 million

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

$15.3 million

21. Mark Sanchez (QB)

$13.49 million

19. Tony Romo (QB)

12. The salary cap per team is a prime factor in determining the salaries, as the team managers have to ensure that they get the best team possible in their pre-determined budget. Joe Flacco (QB)

$14.66 million

9. As such, a player with around 4 – 5 years behind him earns a minimum of $700,000 per year, and a player with 10 years or more experience will earn nothing less than a million a year.. Clay Matthews (LB)

1. Peyton Manning (QB)

$13 million

22. This salary set by the CBA increases as you start gaining experience in the league, and by completing seasons. The following factors are considered while determining the salaries:

The Tier the Player Belongs To

For the purpose of negotiating their contracts, the players are divided into either of the three tiers by the CBA:

18. The minimum salary is determined every year by the CBA. Ben Roethlisberger (QB)

$18.8 million

Chicago Bears

Green Bay Packers

$14.67 million

Dallas Cowboys

An NFL player’s salary is termed as any compensation in terms of money, investments, loans, property, or any other asset which he may be presented with, apart from other benefits like insurance and pension. Eli Manning (QB)

Philadelphia Eagles

New players who have just been included in their respective teams, and haven’t completed their first year as yet.

Players having completed playing three full seasons in the league, and their contracts have expired.

Players having completed four or more seasons in the league, and whose contracts have expired.

Players belonging to each of the three tires have different rights to negotiate their salary with the CBA.

Minimum NFL Salary

The CBA makes sure that it sets a minimum salary benchmark. This contract is known as the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA).

In the United States, around 50% more pizzas are ordered and delivered on a Super Bowl Sunday, as compared to normal Sundays.

Founded during an informal meeting in an automobile showroom in 1920, with just 11 teams, the National Football League (NFL) is currently the largest professional American Football League across the globe

The Sexiest Butts in NFL Football

Sharper reportedly announce his retirement after an 14 year career.. After that there were more issues with his knee and he missed much of the season, but as Sharper was highly regarded it didnt stop him from being selected as a second team All Pro.



You can now see Darren Sharper on the NFL channel where he sits in on the No Huddle and talks the game of football like no other.

Darren Sharper Retires from the game of Football

You can him at

2010 season

Sharper is one of the few big-name free agents left right now in the football marker. On March 5, 2010, Sharper became an unrestricted free agent, allowing him to sign with another team.

As a New York girl I can attest to that.

Could it be he is ready to roll with the Jets? He was quoted as saying “And like I’ve told people before, the New York teams, there’s something about the big lights and the big city that fits me, and I know I would fit there.”

Sharper was a long-time fixture in the NFC North, where he played for the Packers and Vikings. Cant say the same for women all over the country know a hot butt when they see one.

Sharper had micro-facture arthroscopic surgery on his left knee during the off-season. Some say perhaps the most underappreciated defender of our time. In the recent news Sharper has hinted he’s growing impatient Sharper is quoted as saying the Saints aren’t “showing him love.” (Awww baby, well why didn’t you say something sooner?, I could arrange showing this hottie some love).

This football player wears #42 well and we dont know where he will be suiting up come next season. The Saints signing him was a great decision for on February 7, 2010 in Super Bowl XLIV Darren Sharper helped the Saints win the big game and yes he earned his first Super Bowl Ring.

Darren Mallory Sharper was born November 3, 1975 in Richmond, Virginia. The 13-year sexy safety signed a two year deal in March of 2009 with New Orleans. He is 6 ft 2 in (1.88 m) and weighs in at 210 lb (95 kg) all hunk of a man.

After workouts with the Denver Broncos, New England Patriots, and Green Bay Packers without an contract offer. Now he is a ‘free agent’

Football Pump Up Songs

Well, what better than music in that case? Some amazingly great songs compiled here are enough to set the stage on fire. So, ‘are you ready for some football’?

Best Football Pump Up Songs

Too bad the crowd is unnerving! Why not psyche it up with the following pump up songs of all time to get the adrenaline shooting? Play ‘em all one by one, create remixes, and cheer up the crowd again! . Take heed:

Bodies ~ Drowning Pool

Lose Yourself ~ Eminem

Bulls on Parade ~ Rage Against the Machine

The Pretender ~ Foo Fighters

Enter Sandman ~ Metallica

Shut Up and Drive ~ Rihanna

Throw It Up ~ Lil Jon feat. Sports teams all over the world listen to these songs while practicing and before the match begins, which keeps them in high spirits all the while. Linkin Park

Eye of the Tiger ~ Survivor

Chop Suey! ~ System of a Down

Get it On ~ T. Pastor Toy

Knuck If You Buck ~ Crime Mob and Trillville

Down With the Sickness ~ Disturbed

Rock That Body ~ The Black Eyed Peas

For all ‘these’ and ‘those’ football lovers, the above compilation is enough to get the players and audience grooving. the pump up songs for football games mentioned below will connect to all, and awaken that feeling within the players to win at all costs! So, pull up your socks because it’s time to do some ‘waka waka’ while going ‘football crazy’, and shout at the top of your voice ‘that’s my team!’ right on the ‘center field’. Notorious B.I.G. Rock or hip-hop or blues or rap… and Busta Rhymes

Fireman ~ Lil Wayne

Bang Your Head ~ Gravediggaz

Burn it to the Ground ~ Nickelback

Centerfield ~ John Fogerty

That’s My Team ~ Hoodoo Gurus

Revolution ~ POD

Step Up ~ Drowning Pool

Till I Collapse ~ Eminem

Enter The Cage ~ Adema

Make a Move ~ DMX

Songs to Play in College

Only if songs were goals! If you think college football needs to move beyond trumpets, drums, and cymbals, play the following football pump up numbers which will instigate an all new vigor in the minds of both the players as well as the audience. Waka Waka ~ Shakira

We Will Rock You ~ Queen

Twilight Zone (When the Bullet Hits the Bone) ~ Golden Earring

Live Wire ~ Mötley Crüe

Action ~ Def Leppard

Thunderstruck ~ AC/DC

It’s My Life ~ Bon Jovi

Are you Ready for Some Football ~ Hank Williams Jr.

We Made It ~ Busta Rhymes feat. Give a listen to the following:

Pump It ~ The Black Eyed Peas

Another One Bites the Dust ~ Queen

The Purple Bottle ~ Animal Collective

Patiently Waiting ~ 50 Cent and Eminem

Striptease for Me Baby ~ Jeff Buckley

Panama ~ Van Halen

Let’s Get Rocked ~ Def Leppard

Bombs Over Baghdad ~ OutKast

Break Stuff ~ Limp Bizkit

Stronger ~ Kanye West

Never Scared (Remix) ~ Bone Crusher

Highway to Hell ~ AC/DC

Gangsta Rap Made Me Do It ~ Ice Cube

Dynasty Intro ~ Jay Z

Flo Rida ~ Right Round

Top 10 Pump Up Numbers of All Time

Below is a concise list of the top 10 songs for football to have an intense effect on all. Rex

Shoot Me Again ~ Metallica

Welcome to the Jungle ~ Guns N’ Roses

Football Crazy ~ Rolf Harris

Simon Says ~ Pharoahe Monch

Face to Face ~ Sevendust

Guerilla Radio ~ Rage Against The Machine

Victory ~ Puff Diddy feat. So, re-energize your psyche all throughout the game, catch the drift, and take on life!

What’s life without music? To turn the heat up a notch in the football game, some pumping up is essential for people to go crazy in the stadium. pump up songs of any genre are capable of making you kick up your heels and start grooving. Be it rap music, rock music, or those quintessential football anthems..